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Therapeutic Art & Mental Health

Therapeutic Arts Practices
The benefits of using Therapeutic Arts practices to promote a Positive, Mental Attitude & improve overall well-being, have six, main points to consider;

  • Imagery

Images are often how we interact with the subconscious mind, memories and dreamworld. If asked to describe an event in our lives, we often create an image in our minds before we attempt to speak. It can be easier to illustrate a feeling with a picture or drawing than with words.

  • Decreased Defences

When we speak, we often hide or disguise our full intent to be more socially acceptable. During the creative process, we tend not to censor in this way. Artistic expression allows our unconscious thoughts to present themselves more clearly.

  • Objectification

Allows the individual to separate themselves from their thoughts and emotions and in doing so, recognise their existence while those thoughts are recognised as separate, they can be explored and understood without the individual feeling threatened by them. After all, they are part of the drawing, painting or sculpture.The goal is to re-integrate those emotions but with a better understanding from where they originate.

  • Permanence

Creating art is a permanent record of the thoughts and feelings at that time. It can be used to show progress and development for the individual.

  • The Spatial Matrix

In this context we are referring to expressing art that allows for illustrating similarities and differences at the same time eloquently, without the need for grammar, comprehensive writing skills or extensive vocabulary.

  • Creative and Physical energy

Creating art, involves actively engaging in the experience. It is not a passive pursuit. The process releases creative energy and allows for discussion about the thoughts, feelings and emotions that originally inspired the piece. 

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