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Are you feeling depressed, lonely, struggling with anxiety, grief, chronic Fatigue, to name but a few. Does it feel like you are l walking through treacle just to get the simplest of tasks done that others seem to do so easily? Do you feel paralysed by the seemingly impossible tasks? Do you need a confidence boost? Does your body hurt and your mind run riot? Could you do with more direction? or do you have a specific goal you’d like to reach? .This course is designed specifically to tackle these debilitating obstacles. I base my courses on practices I have learnt through healing, arts, theatre and life experiences I have gathered over many years. I am offering an activity centred course that is tailor made for individuals and groups, sharing tools and techniques to help participants open up about their issues and to find positive steps in moving forward to regain control over daily thoughts and to make progression in life. Each session takes place in a safe environment and promotes finding ones personal joy and fun in life. 


March 2020 

Course Leader

I have worked alongside Swindon Mental Health, SOBS Bereavement Charity, Adult Learning Support, SEN Children and many in the community who needed guidance. This is unlike any counselling, or self development course you’ll have ever been on. It is unique, fun and unexpected. It will help you reconnect to that part of yourself that wants to take action to personal growth and to find your next steps to personal happiness. If this sparks interest within you, book on the course, I can help.

Personal tutoring available £60 per hr. Course Tutor Jaime Bullock

Course Costs

6 Week course fee, £180, please get in touch for payment plan options

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